Safeguard Roof Edge Protection System

The totally versatile, safe and easy to assemble temporary roofing guardrail system that saves you time and money. Using standard scaffold tubes it provides the most cost effective solution for a professional guardrail. Requiring no special tools, tubes are fixed through built in sleeves with threaded handles. Adjustable front and back legs ensure that the guard rail is positioned at the correct height. When installed individual legs can be raised to accommodate felt laying and dressing.

Roofing Guardrail System

Safeguard will cope with a full range of applications; including internal and external returns. Adjustable legs on the front and rear of the frames enable installation around curves and parapits up to 350mm high.

Safeguard frames are able to be raised and rotated to provide 6 metres of free space with no specialist labour force required.

Safeguard can quickly be installed by your own team. Ease of adaption guarantees continuity of work.

Roof Edge Protection System