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Powered Access

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  • Tallescopes
  • Topdecks
  • Van-Mounts
  • Truck mounts
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  • Pop-Ups & Towermatics
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Articulated Booms “Special Applications”

Articulated Boom

Scissor Lifts “Special Applications”

Scissor Lifts

Spider Booms “Special Applications” (tracked access)

Spider Booms


Lorry Mount “Special Applications”

Lorry Mount Special Applications


Power Tower

Power Tower


Power Towers


Pop-Up Low Level Access Platform

Immediate ‘low level access’ 8 seconds to reach full platform height

Indoor Pop-Up goes anywhere, even through single doors. Pop-Up replaces the need for ladders and steps to be used indoors in low level access environments. It’s detailed design means that it can offer a multitude of special features that ensure the user has a safe yet simple solution to low level access.

  • Safe-designed to be fully stable with a lifting and safe working load of 240Kg

Pop Up Low Level Access platform

Pop-Up features

  • Platform heights up to 1.65m
  • Platform area 1.5 x 0.7m
  • 8 Seconds to full platform height
  • SWL 240Kg
  • Safe and fully stable
Technical Specifications
Dimensions W x L 1.5 x 0.7m
S.W.L 275Kg
Min Platform Height 1.5m
Max Platform Height 3.6m


Pop-Up Plus

Pop-Up Plus encompasses all the same features and benefits of it’s sister product Pop-Up. The new model has been developed exclusively for indoor, low-level access but has the ‘PLUS’ factor in allowing reach to a wider range of applications.

Pop-Up Plus
Pop-Up Plus Specifications
Safe Working Load
Equivalent to
1 Person + 160Kg tools & materials
Weight: Overall Mass (GVW)
Maximum Wheel Load
Max Platform Height
Max Working Height
Platform Length
Platform Width
12v DC
0.7 kW
Battery Charger
Automatic multi-voltage
20 seconds
18 seconds
Approx Number of Lifts
150 (fully charged with SWL)
Overall Length
Overall Height
Overall Width
Overall Mass
Maximum Wheel Load


  • Easy to manoeuvre and erect

Operation just couldn’t be simplier – One person is all it takes

  • Requires Minimal Training

No PASMA or IPAF Courses or certification is required

  • Rapidly and easily deployed

The work platform, with a variable height of 4m, can be raised and lowered in seconds



  • No engine or batteries
  • No external power
  • No IPAF Courses han or PASMA certificates needed
  • WAHR compliant
  • Variable platform heights up to 4m

The Bravi-Leonardo


Compact self propelled aerial work platforms

Safe, comfortable and cost effective, the self-propelled Leonardo Lift replaces the need for ladders and steps.

The Leonardo is easy to transport and with it’s compact design, it’s ideal even for the most cramped working environments.

The result of 10 years technological testing – The Leonardo is the simple solution to access.

  • Working height of 4.9m, with an extended platform length of 0.68m by 1.71m
  • Sel propelled, enabling you to drive when fully elevated
  • Compact size and weight allows easy transportation
  • Easy to operate with simple controls for positioning and elevating
  • 250 operations on one battery chargre – will increase productivity
  • Wheel locking device allows you to drive forwards and backwards in a straight line when accessing narrow aisles

Available for

  • Sales (new and used)
  • Contract leasing
  • Training
  • Service and Parts

Self propelled personnel lift

  • Fully extended platform height on 2.9m allowing access to work at 4.9m
  • extended platform length of 0.68m by 1.71m, gives you access to those hard to reach places
  • Self propelled, enabling you to drive when fully elevated
  • Compact size and weight allows easy transportation by a single person
  • Easy to operate with simple controls for positioning and elevating
  • Battery powered with onboard self seeking 230v/110v charger
  • High cycle batteries will give you 6.5miles (12km) travel or 250 operations on one charge
  • Wheel locking device allows you to drive forwards and backwards in a straight line when accessing narrow aisles
  • Front wheel steering offers zero turning radius to enhance manoeuvrability
  • Low maintenance requirements will save you time and money!
Technical Data
Platform Height – Elevated
9ft 5.1in
Platform height – Lowered
1ft 8in
Maximum working height
16ft 1in
Platform width
2ft 2.3in
Platform minimum Length
3ft 6.7in
Platform maximum Length
5ft 6.1in
Base Width
2ft 4.9in
Base Length
Stowed Height
5ft 5.4in
Maximum Capacity
180kg (1 person)
397 lbs (1 person)
Total Traqnsport Weight
992 lbs
Hydraulic Tank Capacity
22 Litres
5 gallons
2 x 12v 85Ah
2 x 12v 85Ah
Mains Power Supply for Battery Charge
230v / 110v
230v / 110v
Max Drive Speed
50 metres per minute
1.49 miles per hour
Slow Drive Speed (with raised platform
9 metres per minute
0.336 miles per hour
Driveable when fully elevated with or without the basket extended

Lui Slim

A specialist self propelled platform for confined spaces

Lui Slim Spec

Technical Features

Lui Slim is a self propelled light weight platform designed especially for the operator who needs height without excess width and weight.

At only 48cm wide and weighing only 850Kg the Lui Slim is one of the most versatile machines available today. It’s at home in ultra narrow isles and where space is premium.

  • Workign height of 4.9m with a travel width of just 0.45m
  • Self propelled enabling you to drive when fully elevated
  • Low machine weightat only 850Kg, ideal for those restricted areas
  • Easy to operate with simple controls for positioning and elevating
  • Front wheel steering offers zero inside turning radius
  • Low maintenance requirements will save you time and money
  • High cycle 84Ah batteries will provide extended usage.
Lui Slim
Brief Technical Specification
Platform Height – Elevated
9ft 5.2in
Platform height – Lowered
1ft 6in
Maximum working height
15ft 11in
Platform width
1ft 5.5in
Platform maximum Length
3ft 7in
Stowed Height
5ft 7.9in
Maximum Capacity
Total Traqnsport Weight
Mains Power Supply for Battery Charge
230v / 110v
230v / 110v

Wheel Locking Device

This unique device offers the option to lock the steering wheels in the straight ahead position. Ideal for those repetitive jobs or when travelling down narrow isles.


Personnel Lifts and Platforms

Personnel Lifts and Platforms

Small compact lifts for all site situations.

Types available: (full details on request of the total package)

  • Pop-ups
  • Power Towers
  • AWP’s – One man lifts to 12.0m
  • Whizz platforms
  • Genie runabouts – GR12, GR15, GR20
  • Star 10, star 8 – One man boom
  • Z / 30 – Extra narrow booms
  • Bravi – Leonardo – Mini Lui
  • And a lot more


Tallescope Personnel Lift

Aluminium Work Platforms

Tallescope Personnel Lift

Aluminium Work PlatformThe Tallescope aluminium work platform is a free standing, telescopic, hand-operated ladder. In its retracted and folded down position it can be wheeled through standard size doorways, under trusses and in narrow passages.

In its elevated position, with the telescopic outriggers firmly in place, it gives access between overhead pipes and girders at working heights of up to 9450mm (31′). Adjustable legs provide stability on uneven ground or for use on steps.

There are 3 sizes of Tallescope available, all having safe working loads of 113Kg.

* Axle wheel assembly is available as an optional extra.


  1. Tallescope being wheeled through a doorway
  2. Locking castors. Standard 127mm (5″) diameter swivel castors with safety brake
  3. Adjustable Legs. Locking lever controls 300mm (12″) of adjustment. For safety, leg is locked automatically and the lever cannot be operated under load.

Three sizes from 10′ 4″ platform height to 24′ 6″ platform height


Boss X3

The ultimate single person micro powered access platform


Rated load, manual forces and weight

  • Safe working load: 240kg (1 person, tools and materials)
  • Maximum allowable manual force: 200N (interior use only)
  • Maximum load per wheel: 450Kg
  • Machine weight: 347kg


  • Maximum platform height: 2.55m
  • Maximum safe working height: 4.55m
  • Platform width: 0.57m
  • Platform length: 1.05m
  • Platform guardrail height: 1.1m
  • Toeboard height: 0.15m
  • Overall width: 0.7m
  • Stowed height: 1.8m (0.85m with guardrail removed)
  • Stowed length: 1.23m (with all 4 brakes applied)
  • Ground clearance: 0.05m


  • Voltage: 12v DC
  • Motor: 1.2kw DC
  • Battery: 12v/100Ah
  • Battery charger: automatic multi voltage 110 and 240v


  • Hydraulic pressure: 250 bar
  • Hydraulic fluid reservoir: 2 litres


  • Maximum number of lifts and decents on one charge > 350 (80Kg) / 200 (240kg)
  • Ascent time: 12 seconds (80kg) / 16 seconds (240kg)
  • Descent time: 13 seconds (80kg) / 16 seconds (240kg)

Each machine is supplied with a 6 month LOLER certification; 12 months parts warranty; safe use and awareness DVD; instructional manual; maintenance manual and CE and EN 280 compliance certification.

Product training in the safe use of the BoSS X3 is also available

BoSS X-Series Personnel Lift Range

BoSS X Series

The Boss X-Series is the new tough, professional, manually propelled range of micro powered access platforms. This range of micro scissor lifts including the BoSS X2, Boss X3 and Boss X3X is designed for a multitude of tasks including general maintenance, cleaning, painting, and fot and strip out work they can be used on construction projects, in factories, in transport environments, shopping centres, retail outlets and in offices and offer numerous features and benefits including:

  • Auto braking on fixed castors
  • Tilt sensor; no stabilisers required
  • Rigid and robust box section scissors with fully brushed joints
  • Safety cut out on descent
  • Audible alarm on decent
  • Self closing gate with locking latch and transit gate lock
  • gate incorporates end toeboard removing trip hazard
  • safety and usage instructions mounted on guardrail
  • platform mounted handset control with emergency stop
  • Secondary emergency stop button mounted on base
  • Slip resistant deck incorporates lanyard point
  • Fail-safe props for deployment during maintenance
  • Platform overload and pressure loss valves
  • Emergency platform lowering mechanism
  • heavy duty power pack, battery charger and battery
  • Fit through standard doorways and into passenger lifts
  • Serviceable components in slide out compartment
  • Pull out storage drawer for cables and guardrail tools
  • Wide forklift entry, hoisting and transit strap points
  • Smooth roll castors with non markign tyres
  • Anti static earthing strip
  • Winching eye
  • Heavy duty all weather protective cover

Monkey Tower

Scaffolding in 5 minutes

Monkey Tower

  • Max workign height: 6.5m
  • 250mm increments
  • lifts 75kg tools
  • SWL 250kg
  • Weight 300kg
  • Min width 700mm
  • Fits through single door

The Accessibility of a Scaffold Tower


Easy access to site

  • Towed behind any towbar-equipped car or van
  • Extendable axles gives stable towing
  • Useable up to the speed limit

Easy to move on site

  • 300kg weight and large road wheels make it a simple one man job to move by hand, even over rough serfices
  • Castors allow sideways movementfor fine positioning such as manoeuvring close to a wall

Fits through a single door

  • Minimum width of just 700mm lets Monkey Tower fit through a single 2’6″ doorway or gate
  • Will easily fit through a double doorway in the transport position

The right height for the job

  • Platform latches as 25sm (10″) intervals
  • Work at a comfortable and safe height

Single piece construction

  • No parts to lose, forget or count in and out


Monkey Tower Mini

Scaffolding in minutes

Monkey Tower

The Monkey Tower Mini provides simple and safe access to a variety of work at height. With the ability to span over a desk without disturbing the desk contents and sufficient height to reach into voids it is ideally suited for work in offices as well as work on sites from heating and ventilation to lighting and IT installation.

The Monkey Tower Mini has a counterbalanced platform making it a matter of seconds to raise the platform to its maximum working height of 4m without hydraulics or batteries. With a minimum weight of only 90kg it can be moved easily and loaded by a single person into the back of a van.