Material Handling – Material Lifts and Material Hoists

Material Lifts – Superlift Advantage

Superlift AdvantageThe Superlift Advantage is a manually operated lift with multiple base, winch and load handling options to create just the lift you need. The compact, portable design rolls through standard single doorways in the upright position and is easy to load in to a pickup truck.

Options for every task

Choose your base, mast height and load handling attachments to design the exact lift that meets your needs. You can also select the standard one-speed winch, whcih incorporates a silent ratchet system, or the two-speed winch upgrade, which allows you to shift gears “on the fly”.

Easy to maneuver and store

The unit sets up quickly without any tools and is ready to go to work in seconds. The rear transport wheel also allows maneuverability on uneven surfaces. Legs fold up and attachments are removable for easy storage and loading.

Genie CO2 Super Hoist

Genie C02 Super Hoist

This portable telescoping pneumatic hoist uses CO2 or compressed air to lift loads up to 300lb (136 Kg) to a height of 12 ft 5.6 in (3.8m) or loads up to 250 lb to a height of 18 ft 4.5 in (5.6m).

Flexible Operation

The hoist is powered by either CO2 or compressed air. A :one size fits all” bottle mouted bracket acceptsand common CO2 bottle size, and the horse stretches 16 ft (4.87m) for added mobility. Up and down functions can be activated from the patented pistol-grip control handle.

Quick, easy setup

The Super Hoist sets up in seonds – no tools required. The unit’s compact size and weight allow one person to lift and move heavy loads, yet quickly move from job to job. It’s so portable, it fits in the trunk of most cars.

The Genie Super Hoist lifts, positions and installs:

  • Metal and fibreboard air ducts
  • Overhead sprinklers and plumbing
  • Sheetrock and ceiling panels
  • Forced air heaters / chillers
  • Chimney pipe
  • Electrical fixtures


  • 20 lb (9Kg) CO2 tank
  • Platform cradle package

Bumpa Hoist / Hoddi Hoist

Bumpa and Hoddi HoistThe Bumpa is designed for the roofer. An ingenious tile lifter specifically designed to move tiles and slates up to where they are needed quickly with the minimum of effort. This unit is reversible and can be used for the removal of roof tiles, etc.

The Hoddi is aimed at the builder, catering for the standard lifts in house building; bricks, blocks. mortar and lintel frames can all be transported quickly and efficiently. Easily erected and can move loads up and down. Petrol / electric 110v available.

Brick Cart ideal for moving materials on / off the the Bumpa and Hoddi hoists.

Ladder Hoists

Ladder HoistsVersatile hoist quickly erected into position offering a safe and easy method of moving material to elevated working positions. The frame also has a bend section to accommodate foor pitches from 25 – 60′. Units are available for verticle applications. Can assist in the hoisting of wheel barrows, mortar skips etc.

Rack and ponion material hoist system

Perfect for the safe, efficient transportation of materials to 50m high for 300kg and to 100m high for 500kg model. Quick and simple to erect by our trained and qualified technicians.

Scaffold Hoist

Scaffold HoistThis hoist is easy to install via the scaffold bracket which is suspplied as standard. Ideal for hoisting bricks, tools and materials.

  • Fitted with top limit switch and fail safe brake
  • Swivel action to enable ease of load and unload
  • Fixes to verticxle scaffold in minutes


Buckets 45l / 80l, Barrow chains, barrow bucket, bucket carrier 2 / 4, brick basket

Builders Gantry Hoist

Buliders Gantry HoistThis lightweight heavy-duty frame is easy to assemble, fitted with ballast containers to counterbalance and support when under load. Ideal for hoisting materials up to roof-top locations.

Compact Hoist

Compact HoistSpecially designed for roofers to aid the lifting of slates, blocks and roof tiles, quickly and safely. This unit can be reversed to bring materials down to floor level.