Combination Ladders

This is the ultimate versatile piece of access equipment, our combination ladders can be used in a variety of ways to solve most access problems withthe minimum of fuss. It can be easily used as:

  • A free standing ladder
  • A single section ladder
  • A double or triple section ladder
  • Trestles
  • A stairway ladder
  • A working platform

Bespoke products can be manufactured to most specifications on request. So no matter what your need for a combination ladder, you can be sure that with Accesscaff you’re making the right choice.

Code Closed Height Free Standing Ext Height Trestle Height Rungs Style Dimensions Weight
CL1097 2.2m 3.6m 5.00m 2.05m 3 x 7 68 x 25 15
CL1099 2.7m 4.7m 6.70m 2.65m 3 x 9 73 x 25 20
CL1000 3.3m 5.5m 7.80m 3.13m 3 x 11 85 x 25 24
CL1003 3.8m 6.6m 9.50m 3.68m 3 x 13 98 x 25 33
CL1004 4.18m 6.95m 10.06 4.00m 3 x 15 Special