This product has been withdrawn from the market, sorry.

The Ultimate Ladder Stand Off

The Ultimate Ladder Stand Off is the most versatile stand off on the market, designed and produced to cover every aspect of the requirements of operatives working on ladders.

Unlike most stand offs, the ultimate can be used to allow safe access to roofs. The unique features of the square wheel come in to action as it rests on the roof and allows a safe and seamless transfer from leaning ladder to roof ladder without compromising the safety of the operative.

  • Allows for roof access
  • Easy to fit
  • Can bridge down-pipes
  • Industrial build
  • Square wheel technology (see images)
  • Detachable from ladder
  • Can be used on all ladders

High grip surface, Deep cleated tread pattern, Increased contact surface area and multi directional grip.

Ultimate Ladder Stand Off