Ladder Safety Devices

This product has been withdrawn from the market, sorry.

LSD Ladder Staging System

LSD Ladder Staging System Designed to provide a high level work platform which complies with BS1139 Part 5 / HD1000, the LSD ladder staging system fits on to the rungs of any ladder. Each bracket has an adjustable telescopic strut which enables the support arm to be made horizontal in seconds and comes with an inner and an outer corner post which have U bolts and L bolts to accept hand-rails, mid-rails and toeboards. If your ladders are fitted with the ANKALAD ladder stabiliser and leveller (as illustrated left and below) this will provide and exceptionally safe and secure platform which will meet the approval of your Health and Safety Inspector. The system will accept proprietory staging boards of 600mm or (2 x 450mm) 900mm width. The third ladder bracket (illuistrated above, left) enables the system to be extended to any length needed, and the mid-board post holder (also illustrated above, right) which mounts underneath the staging board, accepts a double hand-rail post at both ends.
  • Extremely strong aluminium construction
  • Simple to use
  • Easily assembled and dismantled
  • Affordable and cost effective
  • Utilises existing ladders
  • 270kg load rating – evenly distributed
  • Available in 600mm and 900mm (2 x 450mm) widths

This product has been withdrawn from the market, sorry.

LSD Solar Panel Hoist

LSD Solar Panel Hoist

  • Complies with BS13374 – Class A Temporary Edge Protection
  • Safe working load (SWL) 270kg
  • No more scaffolding costs
  • Ideal for installing solar panels
  • Uses your own ladders
  • Simple, secure, high access staging system
  • Can be erected in 10 minutes and taken down even faster
  • Strong, lightweight aluminium
  • Cannot rust or corrode

Ankalad Ladder Leveller

  • Fits any ladder
  • easily and quickly fitted
  • Simple to adjust
  • Stay permanently fitted to ladder
  • Adjusts for incline in either direction, 75mm (3″) up or 75mm (3″) down
  • 50 positions in 3mm steps
  • 3 year guarantee
  • UK design and manufacture
  • Made of high grade aluminium extrusions with a powder coated finish
  • Total weight on the ladder is only 1kg

Ankalad Ladder Stabiliser

The biggest ever step in ladder safety
  • Accepted by the HSE as a safe alternative to ‘footing’
  • COMPLETELY stabilises the ladder and eliminates ladder ‘bounce’
  • Easily and quickly fitted to any ladder
  • Permanent fitting – stays with the ladder
  • Positioned in less than one minute
  • Adjustable legs for uneven ground
  • Weights only 3.6kg
  • Safe working load of 150kg
  • Folds flat alongside ladder for storage (illustrated below)

LSD Roof Rack Ladder Clamps

The only product on the market available with:-
  • Stainless stell retaining hooks
  • Aluminium cross-bars
  • 2 large steel padlocks
  • Holds 2 x 3 section ladders

LSD Stand Off

Our research into the use of ladder stand offs showed that huge improvements in the product could be made by making very simple changes to the design and as a result features which are not found on other stand offs are:-
  • a pair of wheels which assist in running the ladder up a wall and, when in position, they grip the wall and stop the ladder from sliding sideways
  • a central vee-notch which enables the ladder to be used on the corner of a building.
Conventional stand offs are very restricted in their use near corners of buildings but the LSD stand-off securly grips the corner, enabling the user to gain access to the gutter corner where blockages are most likely to occur. The vee-notch also enables the stand off to be used against down-pipes. Made of lightweight aluminium.

Ladder Security DeviceLadder Security Device

LadderSafe is a safety system, designed to prohibit unauthorised access to scaffold and other structures. This simple but effective device restricts the normal use of a ladder by covering the rungs with a locking plate.
  • Universal fitting
  • Same key locks

The Four Point Safety System

When used as a “Safe Working Safety System” these safety device help from the fixed ladder system thus preventing the four main areas associated with the ladder user accidents.
  1. Ridge Hook Fitted as standard to the Lyte Roof Ladder, the hook becomes the anchor of the system
  2. Rojack This unique rubber based platformgreatly increases the footprint of the ladder, helping prevent slip of the base of the ladder
  3. Ladder Stay Not only does this device increase the width of the extension ladder reducing the risk of ladder twist/slip, also prevents damage to guttering
  4. The Ladder Lock This unique bracket form the centre point of the “Safe Workign System”. Manufactured specifically for the Lyte Ladder profile, this bracket “locks” the roof and upright ladder together, thus providing a fixed system.

Four Point Safety System

* These items can also be bought seperatly.

Rojack Systems

The Stopper

The Stopper

Is ananti-slip device. It consists of a high quality aluminium T-piece bonded to a covering of vulcanised rubber. It is this internal plate that increases the grip on the ground, and also stops the ladder from ‘flipping’ as the aluminium upright prevents the stiles from rotating.
  • STO 18 standard stopper for DIY / Trade use is suitable for ladders up to 16inches / 400mm wide
  • STO 24 industrial stopper is suitable for ladders up to 22inches / 550mm wide
  • STO30 USA stopper suitable for industrial ladders up to 28inches / 700mm wide
  • STO 36 Euro stopper suitable for industrial ladders up to 34inches / 850mm wide
  • MS 24 Multistopper base works in conjunction with the extenders (STEX) to attach the ladder

Extenders – STEX

Ladder Extenders

Fix to the bottom of the ladder and allow it to be levelled on hills / slopes or both at the same time! If as an emplyer you fit them permanently it ensures that they are always used. If you are a self employed tradesman the accessory fix allows you to use them on different ladders. The STEX serves two purposes – They allow the ladder to be precisely levelled and also attach the stopper base to the ladder.
  • STEX-PF permanent fit
  • STEX-AF accessory fit

Safe Ladder Systems


By fitting a ladder with a Multistopper at the bottom and a Spyder at the top you will achieve complete ladder stability. We put this safe ladder system through the HSE commissioned Test Regime and we found that it achieved the following results.
  • Prevents movement away from the wall at the top
  • Prevents bottom slip away from the wall
  • Substantially reduces the risk of top sideways slip and flip
  • Improves bottom grip and allows the ladder to be levelled
  • Allows access and egress from ladder and roofs
  • Provides a firm level base to work off
  • Wide solid structure reduces the risk of ladder blowing over in high winds
  • Keeps the ladder away from fragile surfaces such as plastic gutters
  • In work station mode ensures firm contact on the corners of buildings
  • Allows the user to work at arms length and lessens the risk of toppling backwards
  • The unique Rojak clamping system makes the Spyder virtually part of the ladder structure

This product has been withdrawn from the market, sorry.

The Spyder

The Spyder

The Spyder is a top stabiliser and work station that can be fitted securely to any industrial ladder by means of it’s unique patented clamping system. This is far safer than the traditional springs system. Once attached the Spyder is fully adjustable and this means
  • Safe stabilised contact with flat and corrugated surfaces
  • Safe stabilised access on and off pitched and flat roofs
  • Stable contact when working on inward and outward facing corners
  • Safe working at arms length reducing the risk of falling backwards
  • Prevention of contact with fragile surfaces, plastic gutters etc.

Base Mate – Ladder Leveller

Base Mate - The Ladder Leveller


Extra wide footprint increases ladder stability. Provides stable platform on uneven surfaces.


Made from hardened steel. Exceeds USA and Canadian standards


Ladder self levels with effortless one foot operation. Patented design allows simple installation to all types of ladders. Lightweight – less than 3kg
  • Best new ladder accessory in years
  • A ‘must buy’ for all ladder users
  • Increases ladder safety and stability

This product has been withdrawn from the market, sorry.

Podium Workmaster

Podium Workmaster

  • Ladders are BS-EN131 with a 150Kg safe working load
  • Free standing
  • Platform 500 x 600mm with hand rails, gates and chains
  • Lightweight, stable and very strong
  • Folds flat for storage and transportation
  • Adjustable fold-away stabilisers with a leveller on each corner for un-even ground
  • Rung locks
  • LadderTrak and angle indicator
  • 270 degree toe boards
  • One man operation
  • Three year guarantee
  • Can be used on stairs

This product has been withdrawn from the market, sorry.

LSD Crows Nest

LSD Crows Nest

  • Fits any ladder
  • Very lightweight (12kg)
  • Packs flat
  • 600 x 500mm platform
  • Adjustable width spreader bar
  • 360 degree guardrail
  • 270 degree toe boards
  • Fully stabilised with Ankalad or Cam-lock restrained strap
  • Three year guarantee