Ladder Accessories & Safety Devices

A. Step Feet
Solid moulded rubber feet designed to ensure ultimate grip on a variety of floor services.
B. Ladder Feet
PVC moulded feet gives all round secure footing to the whole ladder range.
C. Rubber Suction Feet
Designed to give good grip on shiney surfaces.
D. Articulated Feet
Solid rubber moulded feet are designed to give good grip on a variety of surfaces. Manufactured to fit all box section and timber ladders.
E. Wall Running Wheels
Replacement heavy duty solid rubber wheels complete with foldings.
Code WRW one pair
Rope Kit (not shown)
Replacement nylon rope kit for heavy duty extension ladders.
Code WRW one pair
HDROPE Double Extension Ladder Rope Kit
HTROPE Triple Extension Ladder Rope Kit
When ordering, please quote the length of the ladder.
F. Ladder Stay
Designed to keep the top end of the ladder 300mm away from a solid surface, to assist in painting, glazing and general maintenance
Easy to attach and detach, suitable for domestic, trade and industrial use.
Code LLS
G. Rack Clamps
Easy to use clamps designed to lock ladders and steps securely in place while on a roof rack.
Available with or without padlocks.
C1443 one pair
C1443A one pair with padlocks
H. Ridge Hook
Replacement hook for trade and industrial roof ladders
Easily attached
Code RHW
I. Ladder Stop
Designed for extra grip, even in the wet.
Universal Roof Hook

Universal Roof Hook

Converts and single ladder into a roof ladder in minutes. This strongly made aluminium ridge hookassembles with rubber-tyred nylon wheels will enable you to tackle roof work safely.

This product has been withdrawn from the market, sorry.


Guidelines published by the Health and Safety Executive on safe ladder usage allow for the use of ladder stand-offs and stabilizing devices such as the Laddermax. The unique design of the Laddermax increases the pressure applied to the contact points on the wall making ladder slippage far less possible, thereby achieving a much safer working situation.

Ladder Wall BracketsLadder Wall Brackets

  • Pair of strong steel brackets
  • One can be locked to ensure ladders can be stored safe and secure
  • Suitable for 2 and 3 section ladders

Ladder StepLadder Step

Designed to relieve the pain of fatigue that standing on ladder rungs causes. Also supplies a strong and stable platform.

Ladder CoversLadder Covers

  • Universal fit
  • Improve safety
  • Prevent marking
  • Prevent surface damage
  • Resists paints, stains, thinners and solvents
  • Help protect surfaces from dents and scratches
  • Reversible designextexnds covers useful life

Brico Top Anti-Slip Device

Product code kit 007

  • The best ladder accessory to hit the market in years
  • Fits in seconds to just about all makes and types of ladders – wood, aluminium, fibre glass and steel
  • Prevents damage and marks to woodwork, UPVC windows, guttering etc.
  • Prevents slipping ‘sideways’ movement and gives the ladder use that extra feeling of safety
  • The essential accessory for decorators, shop fitters, window installers, steel erectors, contractors and the DIY user who cares about his property and ladder safety
  • Supplied in illustrated carton with full instructions

Top Anti-Slip Device

Be Safe – Use the BRICO Safety Device

Laddermat – Bottom Anti-Slip Device

LA05LM Laddermat (Cartons of 5 sets)

Four matts made from heavy duty rubber matting with nodules, linked by sturdy metal loop offer adjustable anti-slip blocking. For use with ladders / steps on sloping paths, smooth surfaces, soft and uneven grounds etc.

  • Each mat 24 x 17cm (instructions provided)
  • Maximum extra height 6.5cm

Anti-Slip Laddermat

LSD Ladder Leveller

Ladder Leveller

It is a requirement of the HSE that the rungs of all ladders must be levelled (i.e. horizontal) before the ladder can be used. The LSD Ladder Leveller is made of anodised aluminium and consists of a pair of adjustable legs, which slide over the stiles of any BS EN131 ladder and lock in to place using captive bolts.

The leveller has 100mm od adjustment on each side in increments of 3mm. It is very easy to operate and its high grip feet will cope with most ground conditions.

It provides the required level of 16′ of adjustment determined by the HSE.

Ankalad Ladder Stabilisers

Ladder Stabiliser

Now in its twelfth year, the Ankalad Ladder Stabiliser will provide the level of stability required by the HSE when used with the staging system. The Ankalad Ladder Stabiliser will virtually eliminate ladder “bounce” and thus improves the stability of the staging system.

It is easily fitted and easily put in to operation staying permanently on the ladder, folding flat for storage and transport. The adjustable legs cope with uneven ground.

The combined use of the staging system and the Ankalad Ladder Stabilisers will satisfy the requirements of the Health and Safety Executive.

It is recommended that the Ankalad Ladder Stabiliser is used with BS EN131 trade quality ladders only.

Weight 3.9Kg
Safe Working Load Rating 150Kg



Made from 2.5mm aluminium sheet the ladderguard is 1140mm long by 250mm wide and comes complete with warning sticker attached.

Ladderguard quickly secures to the ladder for locking in position.

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