Fibrescaff – Mobile Glassfibre Towers

Your opportunity to prevent electrocution

  • High resistance to corrosive materials
  • Electrically Safe
  • Light Weight
  • Non-conductive of heat or cold

Fibrescaff Towers

Mobile Glassfibre Tower is inert, with no conductivity to electricity or reaction to chemicals, making it suitable for use in electrical environments from substations to computer rooms.

The Mobile Glassfibre Tower is easy to assemble, as every fram cane be used as a base frame, building frame or guard rail frame. Light weight, it is erected in minutes and easily transportable by small truck or trailer.

The Fibrescaff is suitable for

  • Computer rooms
  • Railway Stations
  • Battery Rooms
  • Building Sites
  • Foudries
  • Aircraft
  • Chemical Environments
  • Mines
  • Electricity Sub-Stations