Aluminium Trade Tower

Conforming to British Standards BS1139: Part 3 1994 (HD1004) and meets the construction (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1996.

All aluminium tower systems of exceptional design, quality and value. For light trade use. Supplied in packs in either 1 lift, 2 lift or 3 lift sizes. Extras include locking castors and adjustable leg assemblies plus all components can be purchased seperatly.

Product Code Description
TTTBP Base pack as illustrated
TTTPP Platform pack as illustrated
TTTEP Extender pack as illustrated
TTTSL Single Lift Tower – 1 Base and 1 Platform Pack
TTT2L Two Lift Tower – 1 Base, 1 Platform and 1 Extender Pack
TTT3L Three Lift Tower – 1 Base, 1 Platform and 2 Extender Packs
TTTAL Adjustable leg assembly – for uneven ground and joining castors to frames
TTT5C 5″ Castor with brake
TTT6C 6″ Castor with brake
TTTCF Castor to frame adaptor – 1 required at each castor

Supplied with illustrated and easy to follow assembly instructions.