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StairDeck – Staircase Tower

Stair Deck The problem of working safely on staircases and narrow passages has at last been solved !

Most solutions up to now have consisted of modifications to single width aluminium towers, and at worst ad-hoc constructions consisting of scaffold boards and ladders. These ‘solutions’ present numerous hazards for operators, some of which prevent safe working practice and many provide difficult access to the working platform.

StairDeck announces the launch of a unique stairway tower, specifically designed for safer working on stairs !

StairDeck uses a patented, movable ladder frame, enablingthe user to safely enter the tower directly from the stairwell. Climbing to the working platform can then be done from the interior of the tower structure, as recommended by all Health & Safety commitees. No more sqeezing past stairway gaps, trying to climb frame supports that were not designed for platform access.

StairDeck is constructed to a commercial quality to give a safe, rigid working platform for decorators, home users and maintenance workers.StairDeck allows the user to adjust the height of the working platform at 250mm intervals, so that work can be carried out without unsafe reaching or bending. No-slip footplates secure the base of the tower, giving it an overall width of only 700mm, allowing StairDeck to be used on domestic stairwells. The rigid, lightweight structure incorporates toe boards and a sturdy handrail around the platform, which can be built to a maximum height of 6.8m.

StairDeck starway tower has been designed to make a difficult job easy. Don’t compromise with safety, use the purpose made solution, there is no other tower like it !

SairDeck Features

  • Unique alloy access tower for domestic and commercial stairways
  • Patented easy access, lifting ladder frame
  • Suitable for home use, only 700mm wide & 1500mm long
  • Lightweight, but built to commercial standards
  • Complete tower can be transported by car or small van
  • Platform can be positioned and 250mm intervals to give an ideal working position
  • Only 1 person needed to erect and dismantle
  • Conforms to Safety Regulations by incorporating a full guardrail and toe boards
  • Adjustable non-slip foot plates provide secure positioning on stairways
  • Variable platform heights to 7.3m

Image Descriptions

  1. Standard 3 metre StairDeck Tower with safety rail
  2. Lifting the ladder frame to gain access to inside the tower
  3. Adjustable feet allow for variations of stair pitch

Stair Deck Combi

The Stair Deck


new folding base assembly can be carried by one person through confined spaces.


Complete base unit can be folded out on stairway giving walk through access to a working platform.


Easy assembly of standard stairdeck components giving all height combinations from the new base unit.

Combi folding stairway tower

Combi Folding Stairway Tower

Our best selling StairDeck tower now has an optional folding base unit.

This unit simplifies the erection of the StairDeck tower base by combining all the compoents into one neat folding structure that one person can easily carry to the job,and build without assistance.

We have eliminated the ladder section from the lower frame, made an integral folding brace between the upper and lower frames, and incorporated a wider, longer work platform that assists entrance to the upper frames.

All the standard frames and components of our standard StairDeck tower fit this new base unit, which means you can incorporate it into your present kit or purchase new towers with this as an added feature.