This product has been withdrawn from the market, sorry.


Versatile aluminim tower system designed for light trade use and certified to HD1004 Class 3 Trade Standard. Supplied in seperate packs

TSP80B Base Pack Comprises:-
1 Folding frame unit assembled
1 Platform
1 Diagonal brace
4 Castors
Platform Height: 0.94m
Working Height: 3.00m
Weight: 26Kg
Base Area: 0.83m (W) 1.75m (L)
TSP80T Top Platform Pack
1 Crossbar
2 Handrails
1 Diagonal brace
2 – 2 Rung guardrail frames
Platform Height: 1.8m
Working Height: 3.8m
Weight: 10Kg
TSP80E Extension Pack
2 Lower guardrails
2 Diagonal braces
2 – 6 Rung ladder frames
4 Stabilisers
1 Toe board Kit
Platform Height: 3.5m
Working Height: 5.5m
Weight: 29Kg
TSP80F Final Extension Pack
2 Cross rails
3 Diagonal braces
2 – 6 Rung ladder frames
1 Platform
Platform Height: 5.2m
Working Height: 7.2m
Weight: 20Kg
Base Area with Stabilisers fitted: 0.88m x 3.70m