Fold Easy Towers

Available in Fibre Glass

Fold Easy Towers

  • Component quantities kept to a minimum
  • Basic unit gives up to 3.5 metres working height
  • Anti-slip decking on the hatchdoor platform
  • Made to the hightest specifications
  • Easy to store
  • Lightweight but strong
  • Single and double width variations (four lengths)

Other Fold-Easy Options

In addition to the basic design of 1.9m long in single width (0.8m) and double width (1.4m) other variations to suit specific customer requirements can be supplied.

  • Other sizes available include, 1.3m and 2.5m long in single and double width
  • Platform Heights to 6.1m
  • Folding guardrail frames are also available
  • Adjustable leg option
  • Central automatic locking device
  • Guardrail frames and horizontal braces may be required, particularly where there is a risk of falls
  • Access through hatchdoor

The Fold-Easy tower is designed mainly for low level use but with the addition of extra components can be erected to give a more conventional tower.