Euro-Span Towers

To: HD 1004/BS 1139 part 3: 1994 standard

The Euro-Span Tower is the tower for the customer who requires their new equipment to meet the HD1004 / BS1139 part 3: 1994 standard

Towers are made to the highest specifications under a quality control system to comply with rigorous new standards

Aluminium towers along with thier accessories can solve almost any access problem

The ‘No Guardrail Frame’ system means that you only have to keep 2 metre, 1.5 metre & 1 metre frames in stock

Intermediate platforms (complete with handrails and toeboards) where stipulated

All platforms have a locking hook mechanism to deter lifting in windy conditions

Multi choice ladder option all of which comply with the new specifications

Towers come in 4 lengths (1.45, 1.8, 2.5 and 3m) with 2 widths (1.45 and 0.85m). Platform heights to suit and special sizes on request.

Saddle cut rungs for strength and to eliminate frame racking problems
‘Nut’ type leg adjustment with lockleg castors
Extruding outrigger coupler locks both tube and casting effectively locking stabiliser securely in place
Locking hook on every platform
Easy to operate locking hooks