Waku Telescopic Ladder to BS EN131

Waku Ladder

The Waku multi-purpose ladder with telescopic stil extensions has many uses:

…as a step ladder

Adjustable rung by rung to almost double it’s height, and safely locked by four strong spring bolts. Therefore one ladder substitutes a complete range of step ladders at different height.

..as a starcase ladder

The inner ladder can be telescoped upwards so that the height of each leg of the ladder is adjustable. It is this facility which makes it useful on eneven ground such as a slope or on a staircase

…as a sliding extension ladder

The Waku has an automatic safety hinge. By simple adjustmentthis particular hinge the step ladder can be opened up as a striaght lean-to-ladder. This lean-to-ladder can be extended rung by rung to almost four times its original transport size.

…as pair of trestles

You only need one Waku ladder. The inner and outer ladder can be simply seperated. The two outer parts are hinged together using the same spring bolts as for the height adjustment. Now two trestles are available and a board can be put on and in between any rung forming scaffold trestles of the required length and height.

Product Code Size Max Straight
Max Step
Closed Height Weight
WAKU100 3 Rungs 3.10m 1.34m 1.02m 10K
WAKU101 4 Rungs 4.20m 1.86m 1.29m 13Kg
WAKU102 5 Rungs 5.30m 2.40m 1.57m 16Kg
WAKU103 6 Rungs 6.40m 2.92m 1.85m 20Kg